About us

ANS Benelux was founded in 1996. Its main activity was selling refurbished network equipment of all brands. This activity is still part of ANS’s solutions today. To sustain growth, over the years ANS consolidated its activities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under a separate entity being ANS Luxembourg. In 2001, a branch was also established in France with headquarters in Villeneuve d’Ascq (near Lille) under the name of ANF France.


Those who want to keep the speed and reliability of their data centre or network as high as possible, invest in high-quality, innovative hardware and call on ANS as a reliable partner for advice, delivery, installation and maintenance
ANS is a value add distributor for IT solutions which it supplies to end customers but equally to MTDC, integrators and installers who manage a project for an end customer.
We operate in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.


  • Offering an extremely experienced sales and technical team
  • Covering the entire life cycle of your project: design/install/maintain/repair
  • Flexible & fast
  • Segment and solution approach
  • Providing quality branded solutions


Reducing your energy costs

Optimizing your IT investments


Do you have a new project or would like to modify an existing installation. Our experts will take your wishes and needs into account to work out the best solution for you and your organisation.


  • Site survey
  • Pre-deployment check
  • Commissioning at our laboratory
  • Configuration in case of logistics optimization


  • Full omnium contracts for 1, 2, or 3 years
  • Dedicated replacement units
  • Internal expertise in case of a defect
  • Internal first line support
  • External second line repair services


ANS always provides the initial check for faulty materials. This allows us to often solve issues without having to send the material back to the vendor. 

This ensures that your materials are up and running again faster. In the case of an ongoing maintenance contract, you will also receive a spare unit during the repair, so there is virtually no impact on your business.

Working at ANS