Data center physical infrastructure

Building and managing your data centre is crucial for your business. To set up your data centre in a flexible way while remaining operational at all times, ANS offers total solutions to achieve that goal.

By the way, did you know that each building block of the data centre has an impact on one or more other technologies, which is why it is crucial that all technologies are aligned.

Make use of ANS’ knowledge to make the right strategic choices for your organisation.

Intelligent PDU's

Data centre managers need to ensure that power is reliably supplied to IT equipment. Being able to supply power reliably is linked to being able to assess the risks of a possible failure. This is precisely why the first step to avoid this is to start measuring power consumption.

Now, measuring power offers an additional advantage under the motto measuring is knowing. After all, how can you optimise or plan correctly without measuring. ANS has years of experience in choosing and offering these mission-critical PDU solutions in metered, switched or basic versions in combination with various sensors.


To meet your specific needs, ANS proposes various rack solutions. These modular solutions are indivdually configurable in 26, 37, 42, 47 and 52U height, width 600 and 800mm and depth 600mm, 800, 1000 and 1200mm. 

Moreover, you can freely choose the contents such as cable fingers, penetrations in the roof, doors, door handles,… freely choose. You always have a custom-made rack for your data centre or server room. No matter how big or small your project is, flexibility, durability and innovation are the plus points of this range.


Efficient separation of hot and cold air not only ensures considerable energy savings for your cooling systems, but also increases the service life of your IT equipment by supplying it with cold air more efficiently. 

Our containment solutions can be provided in new as well as in existing data centres. The racks do not even have to be the same height, width or manufacturer – we have a suitable solution for this as well.


Cooling plays a key role in keeping your data centre performing at its best. The choice of cooler type, number as well as power are important choices so that energy costs remain under control without the risk of downtime. 

Whether it is a small server room or a large data centre, a new building or an existing office, high or low heat densities per rack, chilled water or direct expansion, we have the knowledge to provide a suitable solution for all these applications.

Rack Access

A data centre is often a mission-critical environment where you like to keep unwanted visitors at bay. So we offer options with a specific key plan, a combination lever or an intelligent door handle with badge reader. We can work out all these solutions but also help to implement them. 

By the way, did you know that ANS has a lot of expertise in linking intelligent door handles to your existing or new DCIM software?

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