Is a simple software platform for reading environmental parameters not enough for you? Not to worry as ANS also offers Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. These software solutions enable you as owners or operators to run your operations efficiently, but further improve the planning and design of your data centre infrastructure. 

A DCIM solution usually replaces Excel, Visio and proprietary databases and further helps in bridging different organisational domains such as data centre operations, facilities and IT. ANS can seamlessly align software and hardware solutions.

Environmental monitoring

Reading environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and power consumption enables data centre and facility managers to closely monitor and efficiently use their data centre infrastructure. 

For example, data centre health maps, power analyses, cooling graphs and reports provide warning of potential problems and help you gain a clear understanding of real-time power loads, trends and capacity at all levels of the infrastructure. 

ANS can seamlessly align software and hardware solutions.

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