Privacy Policy

1. Our websites.
Here is a list of our websites:


If you visit our websites, we process the following personal data from you

– Your IP address, the type and language of your browser, the software, the type and brand of equipment you use when connecting to our websites, the time of your website visit and the web address from which you reached our website, the pages you view there, the links you click and the other actions you take on our websites. We do this by means of cookies. More information about the cookies we use and the choices you can make in them can be found in point 2C of this document.

The personal data we collect through our websites is used for the following purposes:

–  To be able to provide our (web) services to you to communicate with you

– To compile statistics and perform analyses, with the aim of improving the quality of our websites and of our services.

– To provide you with a better and more personal service, for example by adapting the advertisements shown on our websites and the range of our products and services to your personal preferences.

– To approach you with offers and information about other products or services of A.N.S..

2. Cookie Policy.
A. What are cookies?

We use cookies when you open our emails and/or when you visit our websites. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your own computer or mobile device and that are usually used to optimize the usability of websites.

There are different types of cookies, subdivided into origin, function and lifespan. For a complete overview you can consult websites such as

A.N.S. uses cookies to:

–  Improve the use and functionalities of its websites;

– To analyze how users use our websites and to compile statistics; and

– Show the users of our websites personalized information and advertisements.

For example, you can be identified as a visitor to our websites on a subsequent visit and we can increase the ease of use by better tailoring our websites to your wishes and preferences.

Cookies can be used by A.N.S. as posted by other parties. When we allow third parties to place cookies on our websites, these parties must contractually guarantee a secure connection over which the data is exchanged.

B. What types of cookies do we use?

Necessary cookies: these cookies ensure that you can navigate through our websites and use the functionalities.

Functional cookies: this type of cookies makes the functioning of our websites easier and provides a personalized surfing experience by, for example, remembering login names, passwords and preferences – such as the language setting.

Performance cookies: these cookies collect data about the use of our websites such as the number of visitors, which web pages are popular and the time users spend on a particular web page. Based on the behavior of our users, we can improve our websites and optimize and personalize the user experience. We also use cookies from third parties such as:

Google Analytics: collects anonymous data about the use of our website and compiles visitor statistics. More information about how Google uses your data can be found at:

Advertising cookies: based on your surfing behaviour, your demographic and your user data, we can make our advertisements more efficient and better match your interests and only show you personalized advertising messages. With the cookies and tools of the Google advertising network (Google AdWords) we can also display advertisements for ANS on the websites that are part of those networks products and services that you may be interested in.

Social media cookies: these cookies enable the functionalities of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Think, for example, of a YouTube video with one of our products or services, showing our A.N.S. shopping points in Google Maps or a ‘like’ button for Facebook.


“Cookies” also include similar technologies, such as flash cookies, html5 local storage and javascripts. To measure and improve the success of our advertising campaigns, technologies such as web beacons (or clear gifs) and action tags count the number of visitors to our websites in response to an advertisement on a third-party site. Certain pages on our websites also work with pixel tags. These pixels see, among other things, which products you view on our websites. Based on that information.

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