Nlyte LCL - DCIM as a real differentiator

“In the challenging world of commercial data centers, differentiation is key“ says Nicolas Coppee, Data Center Manager of LCL Wallonia One.
As LCL customers work mainly remotely, they don’t know where new servers or other IT equipment can be installed physically and if cabling and PDU ports are available in their racks at the LCL sites.

Photo Nicolas Pirmez ANS - Nicolas Coppee LCL

The need to have an easy visualisation and process implementation tool could answer those LCL customer needs. LCLcontacted ANS, based in Wauthier-Braine, specialized in network and data center infrastructure solutions. In accordance to the ANS mission, they translated LCL’s needs and requirements into the best solution and proposed the DCIM software from Nlyte.

Nicolas Pirmez, ANS DCIM expert successfully implemented NAO (Nlyte Asset Optimizer) in June 2023. For LCL this means that Nlyte DCIM will be added to the services portfolio available for their customers. “By offering services and solutions that will leverage our clients to the next level, ANS builds strong partnerships”, says Nery Crokaert CEO of ANS. In that way Nlyte DCIM differentiates ANS and LCL in the market.

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