Hardware solutions for datacenters, computer networks & more

Whether you are a computer network administrator or in charge of the data center components you always ask yourself questions about which hardware to choose from. Therefore, A.N.S. helps you make the right decisions. We can guide you through all the IT hardware we offer such as routers, switches, intelligent PDUs or WDM fiber. In addition, we propose you interesting services like maintenance IT or computer network support.

Also, our expertise has grown out of over 20 years of experience of the network world in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. More than 2,000 customers place their trust in us! Advanced Network Solutions meets your needs with unbeatable delivery dates. Besides, we are committed to responding to your enquiries within 48 hours. Finally, we’ll do everything it takes to deliver and install your products within 2 weeks.

What makes us so special

  • A wide range of client oriented services.
  • Independence from any particular manufacturer.
  • New and refurbished IT equipment.
  • High-tech server management tools.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience in computer network hardware.
  • Optimization of your fiber optic infrastructure and numerous network conversion solutions.

Our certified technical IT support ensures you benefit from high-quality follow-up and also maintenance of your machines in accordance with your specifications. Our short and long-term rental solutions give you even more flexibility in your decisions.

Discover our most popular IT hardware solutions