Intelligent power distribution unit (iPDU)

It is vital to pay close attention to the electrical consumption of your racks and devices in order to be able to intervene in the event of any failure. This also limits the energy costs. It is even more useful to be able to perform this task both remotely, via the network and locally.

Keep track of your machine's consumption!

To help you do this, there are hundreds of Raritan PDUs that can accommodate up to 54 plugs. These intelligent PDUs measure the precise power consumption in kilowatt hours, volt-amperes, watts and the power factor. Some of them even allow you to power your machines on and off securely and remotely! And if you cannot find what you are looking for among this range, your future iPDUs can be fully modelled to meet your needs*.

*only for requests for 20 PDUs or more

To help you in your choice, you can use the Raritan PDU selector. And don't forget that the A.N.S. team is always there to assist you!

Raritan has a vocation for innovation

Raritan was the first on the market to offer coloured iPDUs. The aim of these is to make it possible to identify the different sources of energy in a rack and avoid errors. Choose from Raritan's wide range of PX, which is subdivided into 10 colours.

Coloured iPDUs

Why measure consumption?

Ideally, a rack should be powered by 2 energy sources and consequently by 2 PDUs.
Nevertheless, the total hardware connected to these PDUs must not exceed the maximum amperage of each PDU.

Your preferred PDU vendor

One of our aims is to help you save energy. Combined with the DCIM Power IQ software, you will obtain a clear view and history of the consumption of your racks. If you add a series of temperature, humidity, vibration and other measurements thanks to the use of environmental sensors,you will obtain an even more accurate view to help you improve your PUE.

Thanks to its 14 years of experience as an official Raritan partner, the A.N.S. team has been fully trained to install the corresponding solutions and advise you!