Data center solutions

Everything you need to improve your datacenter capacity, cooling, operations or consumption thanks to A.N.S. solutions. With the DCIM softwares, avoid unpleasant surprises and keep ahead of events, thanks to valuable information about capacity, equipment, change management, environment and power consumption. Easy-to-use software to improve your productivity.

Data center corridor with racks

Data center rack

Modular rack solutions responding to ALL your requirements. The range also offers cooling systems using either water or air.

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console drawer for rack

Rackmount Console drawers

Local access to your racks' KVMs becomes an easy task thanks to the KVM console drawers.

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tiroir console pour rack

dcTrack DCIM solution

Easy management of your data center's resources, changes and capacity thanks to this data center infrastructure management software.

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energy measurement software power iq laptop

Power IQ DCIM solution

Keep a close watch on the power consumption of your entire data center or your computer room.

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