ANS switch renting

IT hardware for renting

Short-Term rental of switches, wifi routers & more

The SHORT-TERM rental of switches allows businesses to develop their IT networks while maintaining the same quality of service and level of redundancy. Many customers turn to A.N.S. to rent network hardware for periods from one month to a year in order to:

  • Cover a temporary need
    (a trade fair, a relocation, a test, an urgent replacement, etc.);
  • Bridge the period while deciding on a new technology
    after the manufacturer has stopped supporting certain hardware elements (EOS, Ldos, etc.);
  • Respond to budgetary constraints
    and avoid having to bear an excessive financial load;
  • Test
    a new technology before implementing it.

Long-Term rental of cwdm & dwdm devices, KVMs & more

Long-Term rental is more of a financial tool that gives customers clear control over their investments.

It also makes it possible to adapt to the demands of customers and their budgets in order to avoid budget overshoots that may represent a major problem. The rental charge can thus be spread unevenly across the entire rental period.

budget tool ticket

The solution that brings together budgetary control and flexibility

  • simple
  • economical
  • evolutive