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Refurbished switch & more

Cisco® is clearly dominant in the network market and its share of the “Corporate” sector is estimated at 65%. Despite it is expensive, many customers choose Cisco® for the quality of the hardware and the support. However, why should you buy your next 10 gigabit switch at a high price when you can get the same 70% cheaper? This is what refurbished items can offer you!

Mainly reconditioned network hardware

At A.N.S., you will mainly find refurbished equipment from the network world (WAN, LAN, SAN) as well as servers and storage devices. We need precise enquiries based on the manufacturers’ references with a description. With this information, we will send you an offer within 48 hours and specify a delivery date. We always sell you guaranteed used hardware and, if you wish, you can decide to conclude a support contract.

refurbished certified HP switch


Refurb hardware from A.N.S. gives customers a genuine opportunity to obtain products (switches, routers, servers, etc.) at substantially lower prices. In addition, they will benefit from an identical level of support.


We subect the device to a battery of tests and we replace our overhaul any any fan units. Our certified technical staff fully test the hardware so that we ship it as new.

Wide choice

We offer most of the major brands on the market such as CISCO®, HP®, NORTEL-AVAYA®, JUNIPER®.

Opened box means refurbished switch

Don't forget!
As soon as your equipment is no longer in its original box sealed by the manufacturer, it becomes second-hand.

second-hand opened box network hardware

The advantages of used computer equipment

As you have already understood, the 70% price saving is one of the great advantages of refurbished products, but it’s not the only one. We should also point to the short delivery times, the continuity of “end-of-sale” machines, the sometimes longer refurbished warranty periods, etc.