Your needs. Our team.

Calling on the services of A.N.S. team means choosing a close-knit, responsive, experienced and dynamic staff. Every member has the same goal: to find the best solution to meet their customers’ needs. To achieve this goal, A.N.S. encourages staff training. For example, technical staff are certified by the majority of A.N.S.’s partners !

The A.N.S. team is an excellent choice, whether you want to find the right new/refurbished network hardware or to optimise your fibre optic installation. With quotations sent out within 48 hours and 24-hour delivery times, A.N.S is always there for you.

Find out more about some of our team members

[testimonial author=”Marc Maggioni” company=”Assistant Direction Technique” thumb=”” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn” anim_delay=””]I joined the team on 1st July 2011 following the conclusion of a new contract for which my knowledge and love of electronics and audio/video made a very useful contribution. For me, the “world of network IT” was a discovery that brought a fresh surprise every day. Thanks to my colleagues’ expertise and the excellent team spirit, my skills in this field have grown considerably. I look forward to meeting you to install new hardware or help you out when you need a repair.


[testimonial author=”Bernard du Bus” company=”Account Manager” thumb=”×60-1.jpg” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn” anim_delay=””]
When I joined the ANS team in 2020, I was immediately won over by the ongoing research innovative technical solutions optimized for customer needs.
Engineer with technical-commercial operational experience, I have
first of all been active in the creation of solutions within the technical team
and I subsequently seized the opportunity to meet more with our clients by taking care of
the representation of ANS on the territory of Luxembourg.[/testimonial]
[testimonial author=”Xavier Dierckx” company=”Account Manager” thumb=”×60-1.jpg” animated=”no” anim_type=”fadeIn” anim_delay=””]
I have been part of the team since May 2020. My different experiences in sales of telecom solutions and Project Management help me every day to offer our innovative solutions to our customers. The world of network computing is constantly changing. Without networks, the connected world we live in would not run for very long. Please do not hesitate to contact us if your business has such needs. See you soon.