Wireless transmission

Your company network contains all the informations, documents, apps the employees need to do their work. Next to the wired network, the company needs to provide access to it from everywhere. This is where wireless transmission is becoming essential. With a good wireless network, whether in radio transmission or in wifi signals, the employees will have access to documents or emails wherever they are in the building. In addition, using wireless transmissions will help to bring network access where a wired network is hard to install. For example, in big warehouses, access points can be set in order to allow easy management of the inventory.

Besides, wireless networks have other advantages. First, it is really easy to expand it because wireless networks are flexible. So, new staff can easily be added without having the need to drag cables. Also, your guests receive a secure and limited access thanks to the wifi device. These are some examples of the pros but you still need to choose the best solution that will answer your needs. How? By contacting A.N.S., your partner in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Benefit from the very best solutions from Ruckus, Radwin, Aruba, Fastback or SAF for indoor or outdoor radio and Wi-Fi transmission.

Furthermore, thanks to the site surveys, there will be no unpleasant surprises. You know exactly what you will pay and how your installation will be organised.

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Wifi transmitter

Provide your visitors, business partners and employees with Wifi access wherever they are on your premises thanks to these very high-performance antenna technologies!

radio antenna for wireless transmission

Radio transmitter

Very high-speed radio connections over large distances with or without licences. Choose also between point to point or point to multipoint solutions.

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