Compatible SFP fiber aligned

Compatible SFP transceiver (like GBic,XFP,QSFP,…)

The transceivers (optical modules) are made according to international standards that are accepted by the IT industry. They are manufactured by a small number of specialized companies (Avago, Finisar, Agilent,..).

Compatible and official SFPs: are they identical?

These companies produce transceivers that are then labelled with the IT manufacturers’ brands. These SFPs differ only in the label bearing the manufacturer's name. Some, such as Cisco®, HP® and Juniper®, even ask these companies to code the optical modules so that only their SFPs are recognised in their equipment. For these companies, the SFP business is a source of considerable revenue because they do not hesitate to multiply the purchase price by a factor in between 25 and 50.

This is an easy way to massively improve their margins.

different SFP module types

Less expensive compatible SFP transceiver module

After comparing the companies present on the market, A.N.S. has selected FAIROPTICS, a brand of compatible transceivers.

These transceivers are guaranteed for 3 years, whereas most vendors do not guarantee their products for more than a year. We fully test them before dispatch and they can very often be "recoded" if a hardware replacement is necessary.

suitable tested SFP RJ45

A rore affordable optical module

In terms of price, the FAIROPTICS SFPs offer you impressive savings in between 70 and 90%.
Don't wait. Do like our many major accountscustomers!

savings on SFP module cost

The threats made by IT manufacturers

To prevent their customers from using transceivers other than their own, they force them to use these products under threat of losing their warranties and the hardware support provided by the manufacturer. It is as if a car manufacturer were to threaten to cancel your warranty because you don't buy its tyres. Because there is no law to prohibit this practice and warranty blackmail scares customers, manufacturers continue to profit from it.

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