kvm extenders with different connections

KVM extenders

Besides the KVM which allows you to take control of multiple servers, there are also extenders. These devices enable you to locate a single server's or KVM's keyboard, screen and mouse from a remote location (optionally sometimes with a serial port and sound). In most cases, the connection is established via two units that are connected by a copper or fibre cable, one at the server side and the other on the user side. The connection is usually dedicated but may also be established over an IP network. These extensions accept all types of video output (DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, etc.).

Adder: high-resolution kvm extenders

The company Adder offers very high-performance solutions for the digital KVM market. It has a very wide range of extension units with many variants (digital and analogue) and a maximum resolution of 2560×1660 pixels. Its KVM extenders make it possible, for example, to display a server on one or more screens. The aim is either to allow users to perform their everyday tasks or to use the screens for digital signage technologies.
Main characteristics:

  • Video outputs: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA;
  • A SFP port is present to extend the distance by up to 10 km via fibre cable;
  • "Point-to-multipoint" configuration and display on multiple screens;
  • RS232 connectivity;
  • Possibility of extending the distance via a chain of switches or hubs.
adder kvm extenders

For more information on the various products in the Adder range of extenders, please consult this brochure

Raritan CAT5 Reach DVI KVM extender

Raritan's extension solution permits the remote management and high-resolution display of a server or KVM in DVI and VGA mode. The Cat5 Reach DVI Extender is special in that it uses switches or hubs to share videos of a server on multiple receivers.
Main characteristics:

  • Video outputs: DVI and VGA;
  • "Point-to-multipoint" configuration possible (via switches/hubs and receivers);
  • Maximum resolution: 1920×1080 pixels;
  • Local console port available;
  • Possibility of extending the distance via a sequence of switches or hubs.
raritan cat5 dvi kvm

Variable distances using copper and fiber optic cables

These "point-to-point" connections reach distances of 10 to 300 metres.
If other network equipment (switches or hubs) is integrated, they can reach 900 metres or more.
Furthermore, the SFP connector provided for in some types of extenders makes it possible to reach 10 km!

long-distance line
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