command center secure gateway physical appliance

Centralised data center control server

Access all your IT resources and manage them centrally in complete security. The Command Center Secure Gateway (CC-SG) controls all the technologies at the levels of the applications, the operating system and the BIOS. Whatever the size of your server room or data center, the CC-SG simplifies remote management. You will save time resolving your infrastructure problems.

Direct gateway to your entire IT infrastructure

From a single IP address, the CC-SG groups together your KVM-over-IP (DKX III), your serial console servers (DSX II), your intelligent PDUs (PX), your physical and virtual servers (VMware) and other devices. What is more, it can be accessed via service processors and IP tools – such as HP®Ilo, Dell® DRAC, IBM® RSA II and IMM, IPMI, RDP, VNC, SSH and Telnet.

Feature for data center management & controls

Command Center can define roles

CC-SG is compatible with various types of authentication and authorisation software, such as LDAP, Active Directory®, RADIUS and TACACS+. You can therefore manage and monitor who can access what based on numerous criteria that can be configured on a user-specific basis.

CC-SG compatible with authentication softwares

Other characteristics:

  • Available in a physical housing for rack or as a virtual application.
  • Increased data security (AES encryption).
  • Flexible connection platforms (iPhone or iPad).

Perfectly integrated with Power IQ

It is an easy task to integrate the CC-SG with the Power IQ power supply management solution. In this way, it can be used to control all the power supplies of the devices connected to the PDUs managed by Power IQ. The integration is perfect because the data from the two platforms is synchronised automatically.

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