raritan transfer switch

Hybrid rack transfer switch (HTS)

Sometimes you will find equipment with just a single power source in the racks in your data center. However, in some cases, it is absolutely essential to prevent any downtime at a given machine. As a result, constant monitoring of the power sources is essential so that you can react immediately if the power supply fails. All this makes Raritan's intelligent hybrid transfer switch an indispensable tool.

Importance of the transfer switch

The purpose of the transfer switch is to connect critical equipment with only a single power source to two different feeds. If source A fails, the HTS transfers the load to source B without interrupting the functioning of the connected devices. Thanks to its extremely fast reaction time, reliability and competitive price, the HTS goes beyond traditional automatic transfer switch (ATS) and static transfer switches (STS).

Reliability of the ac transfer switch
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Less expensive than an STS and more effective than an ATS

Raritan wanted to offer all the benefits of an STS at a price that would not exceed that of an ATS.
This hybrid technology has the following main characteristics:

  • transfer time from 4 to 8 ms;
  • oversized relays with air gaps of 3.3 mm prevent electric arcing;
  • reduced energy consumption leading to less heat and no more fans needed;
  • measurement of the consumption of the machines connected to the HTS.
the hybrid technology of the HTS
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