raritan environmental sensors

Sensors for environment monitoring of your rack

Keep track of a range of data in your data center or rack thanks to Raritan environmental sensors, which are compatible with intelligent PDUs and EMX (rack environment controllers) The collected information can be read at the PDU or sent directly over the IP network to the Power IQ DCIM tool. Operator alerts are indicated in real time, for example if the temperature is too high, a rack door is opened, etc.

A data center without sensors wastes energy

Improve the performance of your data center with exceptionally easy-to-install environmental sensors. These will help you reduce your energy consumption and increase the reliability of your data center.

The wide range of available sensors makes it possible for you to monitor a maximum number of criteria:

humidity sensor Humidity

Maintain an acceptable level of humidity.

temperature sensor Temperature

Manage the temperature to avoid overheating and unnecessary energy consumption.

water leakage sensor Water leakage

Detect leaks in water-cooled racks.

pressure sensor Maintain the optimum pressure

Check the temperature to avoid thermal leaks.

contact sensor Contact detector

Trigger an event (photo, smoke detector, etc.) when the door is opened.

vibration sensor Vibration

Detect vibrations (tremors, damaged fans, etc.).

airflow sensor Airflow

Measure the flows of air in empty spaces.

proximity sensor Proximity

Detect movements.

Rack environment controller (EMX)

The EMX is a network-connected controller that represents the central point for sensor measurements.
It can be integrated with the Power IQ DCIM tool.
It is available in a small version that can accommodate 16 sensors for 1 rack and a larger version for up to 128 sensors for 8 racks.

emx environment controller
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