Power management solutions

Did you know that European data center power consumption represents 1,4% of the total energy consumed by a country ? These results should also increase by 2020. Consequently, it is vital for your company to control the consumption of your server rooms and reduce it. In order to achieve this goal, the use of intelligent PDU’s is essential but not only… Thanks to the expertise of your distributor A.N.S. and its exclusive partnership with Raritan, you can make significant savings.

Because power supplies are essential elements for the correct functioning of IT and the companies that use it, take a close look at our intelligent solutions. They also optimise the IT security of your precious and expensive equipment.

different generations coloured pdus

Power Distribution Unit

With the Raritan intelligent PDU you know exactly how much power you use and control your sockets remotely. As a result you can improve your data center energy efficiency.

Raritan C14-C15 security lock

Secure Lock

The most effective and completely secure power supply cables for the devices connected to the PDUs. Therefore, the accidental disconnection of your servers by anyone is over !

temperature, leakage, pressure & contact sensors

Environment sensors

Monitor your data center’s environmental data and take action if necessary.The sensors will measure the temperature, the vibration, the humidity, the airflow and much more !

raritan hybrid transfer switch controller

AC transfer switch

When 2 or more sources are connected, your devices will always receive power from one supply. In case of power failure, the feed is tranferred securely and your app is still running.

Sunbird poweriq on laptop

Power IQ DCIM software

Keep a close watch on the consumption of your entire data center or computer room. Power IQ is THE software that will help you to make drastic savings on your consumption bill !

If you are also looking for other types of solutions: