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DCIM management software for data center operations

You have probably been looking at DCIM solutions to help you save time and money managing your data center. However, have you been searching right? Now, you have! With the Sunbird dcTrack DCIM software, you will be on the right path to the next generation data center. Indeed, you no longer have the effort of opening multiple Excel files to pinpoint your hardware components or gather infrastructure information. dcTrack provides complete and seamless documentation of your data center infrastructure design.

Your data center inventory in just a few clicks

Thanks to dcTrack, you can obtain a clear, precise inventory of all the IT equipment (servers, network equipment, PDUs, patch panels, etc.) present in your data center and racks.

You can also find out swiftly how these devices interconnect between them and via which ports!

In addition, you can get a view of your racks or data center in 3D ! Our clients really appreciate this feature. You can choose to see the inside of your racks in 3D or to get a 3D thermal map of your server room.

data center 3d view

See rack specifications and available space

Save time and optimize efficiency by eliminating trips between your office and the data center thanks to the database supplied by dcTrack.

From the platform, you can identify capacity in terms of space, power supply and the network for your racks. This makes it easier to reserve capacity for your new machines.

rack capacity diagram

Efficiency and productivity when making changes

If it is not properly planned and monitored, any change in a data center is a real headache for infrastructure managers.

This DCIM solution improves the way you approach such operations. Thanks to its workflow automation tools, the tasks the technicians have to perform can be generated quickly and easily. You know who has made the request, what work has to be done, the person most suited to the operation and when it has been carried out.

Data center transformation management

Rent your DCIM system per rack

We know data center infrastructure management tools cost a lot of money. This is why, in collaboration with Sunbird, we offer you the possibility to rent this solution per rack and per month ! So, contact us right now for a demo.

Ask for a demo

dcTrack in video

If you are not convinced, watch the video and you will surely change your mind !

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