Tier 3 datacenter solutions

Data center structure and management is very important for your business. Its optimization and development must be constant to cope with the IT world requirements. Why? Because technology is growing so fast, forcing DC managers to always adapt to changes. Furthermore, they have extra stress because redundancy in DC powering and cooling has become so important if you want to answer the tier 3 / 4 data center requirements. A.N.S. solutions and services will provide you all the help you need to maintain great data center capabilities. For example, we offer you a wide range of rack options that will help you to improve efficiency of the cabling, rack devices, switches or PDUs of your DC.

Besides, with the DCIM software, avoid bad surprises and keep ahead of events, thanks to valuable information about capacity, equipment, change management, environment and power consumption. In fact, this is an easy-to-use software to improve your productivity. It will help you to save time and of course money.

Data center corridor with racks

Data center rack

Modular rack solutions responding to ALL your requirements in security, ease of access or price. The range also offers cooling systems using either water or air that can answer the tiers standards.

console drawer for rack

LCD Rackmount Console drawers

Getting a local access to your racks' KVMs or servers becomes an easy task thanks to the KVM console drawers of Raritan and Austin Hughes. In addition, you can choose between different types of keyboards !

DCIM solution to manage your DC

dcTrack DCIM solution

Easy management of your data center's resources, changes and capacity thanks to this data center infrastructure management software. Sunbird has built this very competitive and efficient tool that will allow you to optimize the data center experience.

If you are also looking for other types of solutions: