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Serial converters for IP network

Do you want to convert your serial peripheral devices to make them accessible on the Ethernet network? This is possible thanks to solutions for converting serial devices (RS-232/422/485) for Ethernet use. They allow the remote control of your serial devices (badge readers, barcode readers, security systems, etc.). You no longer need to have a PC next to your serial device!

Various models to convert your serial ports

Lantronix and Moxa offer a range of models with one or more serial ports. These adapters are also available as wireless variants as well as with one or two Ethernet ports. It is also possible to install a small adapter module in your serial devices.

For more information on the various converter modules from these two brands, please consult the official websites:

How do you access the serial ports?

For each of these different solutions, there are 2 ways of accessing the serial peripheral devices from the computer:

  • by installing a free software program (PC redirector) on the PC and using it to access one or more adapter units and therefore multiple machines;
  • by adding a second unit at the PC which then acts as a receiver/adapter.
hardware serial adapter to software

Why have a second adapter?

It sometimes happens that the client’s software (the serial device) is not compatible with the PC redirector.
Maybe you just don’t want anything to be installed on the PC.
A second unit is then the ideal solution.

non-intrusive serial adapter

Secured convertion of your industrial serial ports

The serial converters from Westermo convert the RS-232/422/485 and Ethernet standards in extreme industrial situations (temperature fluctuations, high levels of dust, etc.). These small units are designed to be fixed to DIN rails (metal rails for industrial equipment).

din serial converters
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