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Extend your network with the media converters

Do you have equipment with different types of Ethernet ports (copper, multimode and single-mode fibre) and you need to connect them? So, the media converters are a simple, cheap way of easing their interconnection. Thanks to our best media converters you will, for example, protect your investment in existing copper hardware if you have new fiber-only devices. Furthermore, going from RJ45 to fiber enables you to extend the links distance and your network ! These Ethernet to fiber converters are possible for copper-copper (coaxial to RJ-45), copper-fibre and multimode-single mode fibre.

A wide range of Ethernet converters

A.N.S. carries a number of different brands: Transition Networks, FairOptics, RubyTech, Eten Networks and Allied Telesys. The Ethernet 1Gb or 10Gb media converter exists as a standalone unit or as a card that is inserted in the chassis. For more information on all media converters from all brands, please consult the official websites:

card-standalone media converters

PoE and managed media converters

Some models are also manageable over the network.
Even when you are in a remote location, you can keep track of a wealth of information about the converter and its ports and you will be alerted if needed.
There are also PoE and PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) versions that allow you to power your devices directly via UTP cable.

remote management via network & poe icon

Industrial media converter

Westermo's Ethernet media converter for the industrial world converts the Ethernet 10/100Base TX or 1000Base TX protocols like cat5 to fiber optic or from fibre to fibre. Besides, they can be single-mode to multimode converter or the contrary for data rates of 100 Mbit or 1 Gbit. These units are also mounted on DIN rails (metal rails for industrial equipment). To conclude, these solutions can cope with sometimes harsh industrial conditions (high levels of vibration, high temperatures, etc.).

industrial din ethernet adapter
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