A wide range of adapters and media converters

Technology is always evolving and new standards also emerge every year in the industry. This fact can cost a lot of money to companies that want to stay up to date by upgrading their hardware. However, data center administrators or IT directors can instead turn to data converters. There are a lot of adapters possible that will reduce the business expenses.

At A.N.S., you will find adapters that will allow you to convert different protocols such as Ethernet, USB or RS232 across different media. Everything is possible, whether fibre, USB, as a standalone module or a card for insertion in the chassis,…

For your industrial environments with harsh conditions such as high temperatures or a lot of dust, our converters for the industry will do the trick. Usually, these robust devices are mounted on DIN rails (metal rails) for easier management.

The best IT converters come from leading brands, such as Westermo, FairOptics, Digi, Lantronix, MRV, Transition and others! A.N.S. Europe has great relations with these manufacturers for projects in Belgium, Luxembourg or France.

small Digi usb to ethernet adapter

Conversion of USB to RJ45

Digi's AnywhereUSB simplifies the use of your peripherals across the network. It will especially be useful in VMware environments in order to connect a USB peripheral device to a virtual server.

lantronix uds converts serial ports

Serial converters

The wide range of serial adapters gives you flexibility in the way you access your devices' serial ports. The conversion of the RS232, RS422 and RS485 protocols is made really easy.

stacked media converters

Ethernet adapter

All types of media converters to combine copper with fibre or multimode fibre with single-mode fibre. Therefore, you can mix your equipment with different Ethernet ports.

If you are also looking for other types of solutions: