Our hardware solutions

You know your company needs to improve its IT if it wants to keep offering a perfect service to its clients. Therefore, you need to choose the right partner for your IT hardware. A.N.S. works with the very best solutions in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. This is how it offers you products from well-known manufacturers such as Raritan / Legrand, Adder, Adva, Cisco®, Hp®, Lantronix and many more!

Our different categories of ICT solutions

In particular, A.N.S. offers a full range of products for data centers, from racks through to their power supplies and remote control. Furthermore, we have the tools to help you improving your optic fiber. So, find solutions to meet your needs:

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Power supply management

Intelligent determination and management of your IT pool’s power consumption has become essential. The sudden break of any activity costs money. Intelligent PDUs together with the associated environmental sensors are your best allies in this respect. Just smartly manage your power!
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Remote management

Do you want to control your servers or console ports from a remote location? KVM solutions and console servers make this possible, whether over the network or not. Latest technology has opened up almost limitless possibilities. For example, you can broadcast a high-definition image of a server on various screens at different locations.
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Computer network

Your computer network is one of the most important parts of your business. In addition, the devices often need to be replaced. This is why we offer you the opportunity to choose new or refurbished network hardware (switches, routers, servers, firewalls) at very economical prices. Besides, you benefit from really short delivery times!
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For all your adapter requirements, whatever they are. From Ethernet to serial ports, from USB to Ethernet… Discover all the possible models! Thanks to them, you will access any device in your building.
wireless transmission icons

Wireless transmission

Radio, wifi routers, internal or external, point-to-point or multipoint, licensed or license-free … everything is possible! You can even request a site survey for the best wireless installation!
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Your datacenter or server rooms have a big importance. Their management or organization require all your attention. A.N.S. offers the best to improve your data center infrastructure or efficiency. Minkels racks and the renting DCIM solution are available for you !
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Our competitors often suggest branded SFPs but A.N.S. offers you compatible SFPs from Fairoptics. They are the same as the originals but less expensive! You can find SFP RJ45, 10Gb sfp module, Gbics, and many more.