ANS on-site maintenance IT

Hardware maintenance IT

Maintenance provided by A.N.S. is known for its quality and reactivity. For all your hardware maintained by A.N.S., your replacement parts are kept available in our warehouse so that we can get you up and running again as specified in our contracts.

Efficient maintenance IT for your business continuity !

We offer contracts based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and intervene within 4 hours to Next Business day, both on and off site, and even during non-working hours (at night or during the weekend).

If your equipment is no longer supported by the manufacturer (EOS,EOL or Ldos), we will offer you a maintenance agreement that fully guarantees the correct functioning of your chosen IT solution.

Don't let yourself be taken hostage by manufacturers who want to force you to change technology even if there is no need and you do not possess the necessary resources!

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