Independent IT consultant

IT Consultant for your hardware choice

You are probably looking for an IT consultant that will guide you properly in your choice. When it comes to network hardware, independence from manufacturers is essential. Why? To limit competition, manufacturers often send customer enquiries to certain preferred resellers. At A.N.S., our complete independence underpins our priorities, namely to submit proposals rapidly, offer an extremely competitive price and ensure our customers benefit from fast delivery. Customers are sometimes astonished to receive their order before our competitors have even made an offer!

Besides, A.N.S. is the perfect IT consultant for all your switches or routers needs. Indeed, we are known as real expert for our knowledge of the Cisco market. Thanks to our 20 years experience, we launched in 2018 a brand new switches selector. You can visit this very useful tool on the website! Once you find the device that best fit your needs, you can select it and directly ask us for a price. Our specialists will then take contact with you to discuss help you even more in your search.

A "bespoke" IT service partner

We regularly compare the KVM, PDU & WDM solutions of different manufacturers in order to offer you the solution that best meets your specific needs. This is our “bespoke” service! Furthermore, we always offer options for testing products before you purchase (“try & buy”). If the item doesn’t suit you, you can simply give it back to us and we will try to find a better one.


A reliable IT installation

Our consulting activities always have the same aim: to ensure the constant maintenance of your ICT department thanks to our network hardware and range of solutions. In this way, you avoid any “single point of failure”, which we try to identify together with you!

lifetime IT service reliability
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