Aruba & Ruckus wifi transmitter

Optimised Wifi transmitter

Nowadays, Wi-Fi connectivity has become standard. In addition to their wired networks, businesses need to provide wireless access for their visitors and employees. The Wi-Fi connection solutions from Ruckus and Aruba are renowned as having the outstanding performance to meet these needs. These solutions use the Wi-Fi 802.11 standards for licence-free bands.

Various configurations are possible:

Wi-Fi technologyFrequencyBandwidth
802.11a5 GHz54 Mbit/s
802.11b2.4 GHz11 Mbit/s
802.11g2.4 GHz54 Mbit/s
802.11n2.4 or 5 GHz600 Mbit/s
802.11ac5 GHz1 Gbit/s

High-performance Wi-Fi antenna

Ruckus' Wi-Fi antenna technology offers unparalleled precision. It enables users themselves to transmit the signal in a precise direction. This innovation is ideal for high-density environments where many different users need access at the same time.

ruckus beamflex antenna

Access points exactly where they're needed!

In most cases, a site survey is possible.
This will make it possible to optimise the functioning of your wireless connections with a minimum of access points.
You will have fewer access points and pay less.

wi-fi access points configuration
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