Solutions for remote management of your IT equipment

Thanks to A.N.S.'s remote management solutions, your workspaces will be more comfortable, less noisy and even more spacious. What is more, your servers and other IT resources will be located centrally in suitable, secure rooms.

That is why it makes sense to choose tools that will help your employees work in healthy environments and allow your technical staff to optimise their activities.

colour pdus


Use intelligent PDUs to measure your consumption and control your sockets remotely.

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diagram for kvm over ip

KVM over IP

Use the servers and other machines present in your racks, server rooms and data centers remotely and via the IP network.

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cable diagram for digital kvm


Manage multiple servers and other devices from a single wired KVM platform.

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pcoip logo technology


The PCoIP protocol allows you to choose between software and hardware solutions to manage your servers via the IP network.

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serial control switch

Console port

Simplify the work of your technical staff by allowing them to manage all your active network hardware equipped with a console port from a single platform.

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raritan commandcenter server

Command Center

All your data center's IT resources in the blink of an eye for centralised, faster and more efficient management.

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diagram for kvm extension


Extend your PC or server's keyboard, screen and mouse to control it remotely.

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