A wide range of adapters and media converters

IT converters and adapters allow you to convert different protocols such as Ethernet, USB or RS232 across different media. Everything is possible, whether for industrial applications, fibre, USB, as a standalone module or a card for insertion in the chassis,…

The best IT converters come from leading brands, such as Westermo, FairOptics, Digi, Lantronix, MRV, Transition and others!

small Digi usb to ethernet adapter

USB to RJ45

Digi's AnywhereUSB simplifies the use of your peripherals across the network.

lantronix uds converts serial ports


The wide range of serial adapters gives you flexibility in the way you access your devices' serial ports.

stacked media converters

Ethernet adapter

All types of media converter to combine copper with fibre or multimode fibre with single-mode fibre.

If you are looking for other types of solutions: