Partenaires IT ANS

Your data center, rack or IT network. Our partners.

You expect the best for your company and we know this. This is why our partners are recognized manufacturers in their core business. Companies such as Raritan, Adder, Lantronix , Adva, Juniper have existed for more than 20 years and have proven their expertise in their respective fields. All other collaborations are chosen according to the quality of their products and reputation. Today, after 20 years of existence, A.N.S. gives you the choice among the thirty manufactures below.

In addition to working with very experienced manufacturers you receive service by certified technicians.

Power and remote management

raritan-thumbSpecialised in datacenter solutions, mainly intelligent PDUs.
adder-thumbSpecialised in high definition digital KVM solutions.
lantronix-thumbSpecialised in solutions to remotely control serial ports.
teradici-thumbSoftware company that developed the PCoIP protocol.
logo_10zigSpecialised in “zero-clients” compatibles with PCoIP technology.

amulet-thumbSpecialised in “zero-clients” compatibles with PCoIP technology.
sunbird-thumbSpecialised in DCIM software solutions.
oec-thumbSpecialised in custom build PDUs.
riello-thumbSpecialised in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
perle-thumbSpecialised in serial connectivity solutions.

Optical fiber – WDM

adva-thumbSpecialised in fiber multiplex solutions (WDM).
fairoptics-thumbSpecialised in passive WDM solutions and compatible SFPs.
smartoptics-thumbSpecialised in passive fiber multiplex solutions.
mrv-thumbSpecialised in optical and software solutions.

Wireless transmission

ruckus-thumbSpecialised in indoor WiFi solutions.
radwin-thumbSpecialised in outdoor radio solutions below 6GHz.
dragonwave-thumbSpecialised in Ethernet microwave solutions.
fastback-thumbSpecialised in outdoor radio solutions above 60GHz.
lightpointe-thumbSpecialised in point-to-point laser wireless solutions.

aruba-thumbSpecialised in professional WLAN solutions.


westermo-thumbSpecialised in industrial connectivity, mainly converters.
rubytech-thumbSpecialised in networking products and Ethernet converters.
transition-thumbSpecialised in networking products, mainly fiber/copper solutions.
digi-thumbSpecialised in serial connectivity and converters.
moxa-thumbSpecialised in industrial networking solutions.
eten-thumbsSpecialised in networking solutions, mainly PoE solutions.
allied-thumbSpecialised in networking equipment.
advantech-thumbSpecialised in optical and media conversion solutions.

Data center – Rack

minkels-thumbsSpecialised in racks for datacenters.
austin-thumbsSpecialised in rack solutions, mainly console drawers.

Computer network

juniper-thumbSpecialised in networking material, especially firewalls.
rad-thumbSpecialised in networking material.